Key visual development .

Logotype design . Event service

Best attitude builds best business. Likik build customer’s trust through our high quality of creative work, we welcome your ideas to make things more better!


We build visual based on request, combinating with art & design trend to improve effect of visual marketing in PR project and event.

Key visual will be developed from step to step: Research design trend - Concept building - Campaign logo - Collecting customer’s feedback - Resizing.


Each logo contains self-story, which is about your business. Our mission is listening to your story and delivering it to the Soul of Art.

Logotype will be developed through six steps: Brainstorming - Sketching - Demo presenting  - Final option developing - guidelines building - Stationaries expanding.


We offer the creative and intelligent design for big event visualization based on Client's view and request.

Designing for event will be applied on: Big stage, invitation pack, visual background, standee & banner, showcases and decoration surround...